Payment Options

  • Electronic Payments
  • Electronic Funds Withdrawal
  • Credit CardPayments by MailElectronic Payments:
    You must pay your total amount due under amnesty by the later of midnight eastern time, March 15, 2003, or the date specified on the amnesty bill or the Department will deny your Tax Amnesty application.  You can pay electronically by one of two methods: electronic funds withdrawal or credit card. Authorized payments cannot be cancelled. Your payment will be effective on the date you charged it.

    Electronic Funds Withdrawal:
    If you have a PIN (personal identification number), you can pay online by authorizing an electronic funds withdrawal directly from your savings or checking account.  There is no charge for this transaction.  You will need to know your bank account number and the routing transit number of your financial institution.

    The funds must be available in your account when you submit your electronic funds withdrawal request. Taxpayers can request an electronic funds withdrawal after using their PIN to log in to secure Tax Amnesty Online Services.  You should use the PIN provided on the amnesty mailing received from the Department.  Personal income taxpayers can also Request a PIN.

    Credit Card
    You can use your Discover ®, Novus ® or MasterCard ® to pay the amount due under amnesty through a credit card service provider that charges a convenience fee.  Personal Income taxpayers may also use Visa ® to make a payment.

    The credit card service provider charges a convenience fee to taxpayers to cover the cost of providing this service.  The provider has an online convenience fee calculator on its Web site.  The amount of the fee is determined by the amount of the payment.  You will be informed of the amount of the fee before you confirm the credit card fee.  If you accept the transaction, you will receive a confirmation number.  Retain this confirmation number as proof of payment.  The convenience fee and tax payment will appear as two different charges on your credit card statement.

    Please read the Disclaimer before making a credit card payment for the total amount due under amnesty.

    Go to the credit card service provider’s Web site at Official Payments Corporation.

    Payments by Mail:
    Your payment for the total amount due under amnesty, along with your return, must be postmarked by March 15, 2003, or the date specified on the amnesty bill or the Department will deny your Tax Amnesty application.