Tax Amnesty

Welcome To The New York State Tax Amnesty Web site.


From November 18, 2002 through January 31, 2003-eligible New York State taxpayers had the opportunity to apply for Tax Amnesty and pay their overdue state taxes without penalty charges and at a reduced interest rate. Thousands of individuals and business owners took advantage of the amnesty program to come into compliance and pay their outstanding obligations. Tax Amnesty applicants have until March 15, 2003, or the date specified on their tax amnesty bill (whichever is later) to make full payment.

Although the Tax Amnesty application period has ended, Tax Amnesty applicants may continue to use this Web site to review their account status, make Tax Amnesty payments, download tax forms, compute the amount of interest due with a return under Tax Amnesty (by using the online interest calculator), report an address change to the Department, and obtain information about the Tax Amnesty program through the Answer Center.

needsubbugIf you have questions or need further assistance in completing the payment process, please Contact Us. We are happy to assist you.

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Tips in Choosing A Calgary Corporate Accountant

A newbie in the business industry needs a fairly good accountant to be able to go by the books. Apart from picking the right location for the business or choosing which shade to paint the walls with, it is a must that a newbie in business understands how truly important it is for him to find the right calgary corporate tax planning to work with in Calgary.

The temptation to skip getting the accountant in desire to save money is only going to cost the newbie a lot more. The shortcuts to doing business can mean taking the easier road, but it does not mean success altogether. It is important that you recognize how these people can help you and your business. When it comes to doing business, finding the right accountant to do the job should be on top of your list.

  • Remember to check their qualifications. They may be good at what they do and their rates might be more affordable than that of the others, but if they do not have a license, they cannot help you with anything.
  • How skilled are they? They will tell you that they are good at what they do, everybody does, but you have to know how truly skilled they are. How? You can check out the current projects they are working on with some of their other clients. You will know exactly what they can do when you see what they do for a living.
  • Can they provide you with reports too? Every good accountant knows that it is part of his job to make sure that his client understands what the tax and the numbers are all about. Apart from dealing with numbers, choose an accountant who will be able to show you the relationship between the numbers and your business and what it truly means.
  • Pick an accountant that will provide you with options to choose from. Their type of service must fit the requirements of the industry your business is in. With the options come possibilities and complexities as well. Don’t be afraid to ask your accountant. Unless you feel comfortable around him and talking to him about your concerns, you must continue your search for the right person to hire.